update with the ex-bf situation (again)

I'm not sure if anyone really reads anything in here anymore, but you might have remembered my previous entires about this ex bf of mine (here they are incase you don't):

1. http://www.livejournal.com/community/eyecouldloveyou/5072.html#cutid1

2. http://community.livejournal.com/eyecouldloveyou/8841.html#cutid1

we started talking back in the beginning of November and we started going back out in the beginning of december, and we've been together now for just over 4 months.
i love him soo much.
bad thing is..he's leaving in less than a month for his basic training for the army for 3 months, which is in Georgia.
And he'll probabaly leave for Iraq in September. ugh. i'm going to miss him soo much.
We're so happy, and i'm so glad.

ok well no one probably cares haha.
just thought i'd let people know that him and i are happy again

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Holy Poop You Guys...

I made front page of the local  section in our newspaper in my prom dress...me and warren http://www.herald-dispatch.com/photogalleries/prom2005_midland/pages/0003.htm
I'm pysched...I'm the only one from my school who made the paper..the rest are online...I knew they took my picture but I didn't actually think they'd ..you know..use it..
<P>I think my dress is very Usagi-ish. I'm going to run over and get the discs with the pre prom pictures..brb

EDIT ok I'm back now and after fighting with photobucket i'm ready to post pictures of my prom and warrens prom..these are both pre-prom sets and there's a shit load of them i'll post my pictures later since we have the laptop back now.



and there are STILL more pictures but i thouht this bunch were enough for you people. but i'm making another post tonight with at prom pictures lol..i know you all love me

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ever miss someone to the point of tears?
yeah, i miss my best friend.
haven't talked to her in 2 weeks, but i see her everyday.
don't think she cares that i exist.
i guess she's not really my best friend anymore then.
but i'm a dreamer.

today, i was on the verge of tears because of her, and so i left the thing early [we went to see our friend's play]  and so i was like, sitting on the ledge sobbing, when janique comes over.  i am like, barely friends with her, i have seen her maybe once in the last 2 years, we're more aquaintances [sp?] but she saw me alone and she came up and hugged me, and i was like "wow" and then she asked what was wrong, and suddenly, i felt the most comfortable i have ever felt around anyone, and i just started to cry, and all i said was "i haven't talked to her in 2 weeks.  she was my best friend" and i was like, crying, and she just hugged me and oh man.  it was horrible.  i cried in front of this girl that i barely know.  yikes.