what dreams may come (_butterfliekiss) wrote in eyecouldloveyou,
what dreams may come

rxxl is my favourite lesbian lover like, ever. <3

i don't know why i should have to apply, but i'm bored out of my effing FACE. 



name:  you can call me paula.
age: 15
location:  winnipeg
gender:  feemmallllleeee

bands(5+) ok, i'm feeling lazy.  i like anything.  hard stuff is only for a good mood.  emo is for any mood.  rap/hip hop/r&b is just not on my list of favourites at all.  occasionally i like some poppy stuff, just to mix it up a bit.

movies(3+)  anything.  seriously.

something rather interesting about yourself:  well.  i have a crown.  and boycott the hair tie and use a barette instead.

aaannnnd pictures: (3+)  do i have too??   i'll post them later. too lazy right this instant.

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um, if i'm supposed to vote, then my vote is no until you actually fill this out.
but i'm spidermanrocks. i just felt that i had to fill out an app.
then nevermind!