paulalala (spidermanrocks) wrote in eyecouldloveyou,

ever miss someone to the point of tears?
yeah, i miss my best friend.
haven't talked to her in 2 weeks, but i see her everyday.
don't think she cares that i exist.
i guess she's not really my best friend anymore then.
but i'm a dreamer.

today, i was on the verge of tears because of her, and so i left the thing early [we went to see our friend's play]  and so i was like, sitting on the ledge sobbing, when janique comes over.  i am like, barely friends with her, i have seen her maybe once in the last 2 years, we're more aquaintances [sp?] but she saw me alone and she came up and hugged me, and i was like "wow" and then she asked what was wrong, and suddenly, i felt the most comfortable i have ever felt around anyone, and i just started to cry, and all i said was "i haven't talked to her in 2 weeks.  she was my best friend" and i was like, crying, and she just hugged me and oh man.  it was horrible.  i cried in front of this girl that i barely know.  yikes.


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