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Holy Poop You Guys...

I made front page of the local  section in our newspaper in my prom dress...me and warren http://www.herald-dispatch.com/photogalleries/prom2005_midland/pages/0003.htm
I'm pysched...I'm the only one from my school who made the paper..the rest are online...I knew they took my picture but I didn't actually think they'd ..you know..use it..
<P>I think my dress is very Usagi-ish. I'm going to run over and get the discs with the pre prom pictures..brb

EDIT ok I'm back now and after fighting with photobucket i'm ready to post pictures of my prom and warrens prom..these are both pre-prom sets and there's a shit load of them i'll post my pictures later since we have the laptop back now.



mom kept yelling at me because i kept moving

good picture of us

better picture of the back of my dress

lol looks like we're getting married

this is anopther really good picture of us

I kept sinking in the dirt

another back picture

doing grand march

grand march yet again

 I have alot more pf my prom but i didn't flip them yet so they would make ur neck hurt lol..now warrens prom pictures


wouldhave been a good picture if i hadn't been in the middle of saying something


and there are STILL more pictures but i thouht this bunch were enough for you people. but i'm making another post tonight with at prom pictures lol..i know you all love me

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