April 2nd, 2005

pull the plug

k.  long story short, this community is dieing, as is my computer.
i had a fabulous entry about my love life all typed out and in the form of a short story with pictures and everything that it was perfect. 
then my computer was like "we're sorry, the internet did somethign illegal.  it will now shut off, click ok" 
and so i clicked ok, and my entire entry was lost and i was like "what the fack"
and so now i will simply keep this community alive by telling you all my current crush situation.


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I didnt trust boys.

In fact until i met you i sorta was kinda thinking of goin for a girl.

But you've got me now.

so i reallyyyy
like a boy.

First time i've REALLY liked a boy in 3 months. and my heart got fuckin trashed the last time i realllllly liked a boy.
So. I hope nothing gets fucked up.

(no subject)

ok guys. i think i'm officially over all my ex's. and have a new crush. well. i guess i'm not over all my ex's because i have a crush on this guy i've already dated twice. each time was for a few weeks in may. may 2003 and may 2004. it's almost may 2005 and we're all cuddly again. we've hung out a few times recently with a group of friends. holding hands, arm around me, kisses goodnight. he used to be a not-so-good kisser. but now he's real good. he's like, a year and a half younger than me. i'm a freshman in college and he's a senior in high school. i go to michigan state, and he's going to western next year, so we'll be like two hours away from each other next year. which really sucks. i'm an hour away from him right now and that's bad enough. but i seriously like him. and i just feel so much MORE towards him than i have before.

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the last uniccorn

Party Wensday..Just one of the Guys

Met a bunch of warren's friend's wensday...funny thin was they are all jealous of him because I'm an "awsome girlfriend" I sat there and just shot the shit with them...Guy really do talk about  sex, girls, and beer when we're not around. They started being crude and stuff right there in front of me, they were talking about giving head and stuff, aand of course I pipe upwithout even thining and say "Well to telly ou the truth I like giving head...the taste isn't bad at all but that could be because warren bathes so much" And they of course just stared and said.."Fuck you warren..fuck you..." I tell you what...I have an interesting boyfriend...his friends dared hi to uh..show off his penis...and well..he did..and they...well here were the reactions

Justin: "Oh dude...I'm fucking sober now.."

Todd: "OMFG you MUST have black in you...I'm going to curl up in a cornor and cry now..."

Chris: @.@


and I'm sick..sick sick sick sick sick sick.....

sore throat, stuffy nose, runny nose, losing voice..




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