May 8th, 2005

the last uniccorn

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Holy Poop You Guys...

I made front page of the local  section in our newspaper in my prom and warren
I'm pysched...I'm the only one from my school who made the paper..the rest are online...I knew they took my picture but I didn't actually think they'd know..use it..
<P>I think my dress is very Usagi-ish. I'm going to run over and get the discs with the pre prom pictures..brb

EDIT ok I'm back now and after fighting with photobucket i'm ready to post pictures of my prom and warrens prom..these are both pre-prom sets and there's a shit load of them i'll post my pictures later since we have the laptop back now.



and there are STILL more pictures but i thouht this bunch were enough for you people. but i'm making another post tonight with at prom pictures lol..i know you all love me

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