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Some of you may remember a while back when i posted an entry about the situation i was in with my ex boyfriend. If you don't remember or care to read it (because if you don't, then you'll probably have no idea what i'm talking about in this entry) then go here:

So anyway, I talked to him last night for the first time in 2 months. For 3 hours. It felt good, but at first it was kind of awkward for the both of us...i think. He actually got in trouble with the law. As i expressed in the entry about all this before he is very involved with drugs and everything and that i hurt him really bad by calling him a druggie and what not. He actually bought drugs and then was selling them. Definitely not a great idea. he went to court and blah blah blah...Now he pretty much has no money and has the same job he had and isn't living where he was before. In a way i feel really bad, but him and i both know it's his fault. He felt like he needed to do it because there was nothing else he could do, there was other stuff he could do, but i mean whatever thats how he dealt with things. He said he did it cuz he fucked things up way too bad with me and that he was pissed over the way he treated me and the things he said to me. Oh and he got jumped really bad. Now he's back where he was 7 years ago. We just talked about how we both felt about what happened before when we got in that huge fight, and i don't know we both haven't gotten over each other...which i thought was kind of surprising. and he told me how much he really still loves me and all, and he said he's going to get help with the whole drugs thing which is soo awesome for him. and he really means it. i'm kind of relieved now that we got to talk to each other for 3 hours last was nice to catch up on things and realize how much we both really care about each other. Since i didn't end up going to see him for my birthday, I may go to warped tour in Chicago with him then spend some serious time with him in Illinois just to talk stuff over and all. I don't think we could ever be boyfriend and girlfriend again, i mean it's a possibility but i don't know if things would work out that way or not, it depends but it could happen. I'd be happy if we were friends too, i just don't want to lose contact with him again. We'll see how things go and if we keep talking and if i go to see him. Some of you probably think i'm crazy for talking to him again and what not, but thats love.

Thanks for listening again.

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I'm so silly.

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