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pull the plug

k.  long story short, this community is dieing, as is my computer.
i had a fabulous entry about my love life all typed out and in the form of a short story with pictures and everything that it was perfect. 
then my computer was like "we're sorry, the internet did somethign illegal.  it will now shut off, click ok" 
and so i clicked ok, and my entire entry was lost and i was like "what the fack"
and so now i will simply keep this community alive by telling you all my current crush situation.


ok.  so.  i like mitch.  mitch is a good looking boy.  and can play the guitar like an effing god.  and even though he doesn't speak much, he's really sweet on msn and whatever, which, i know means nothing at all, it's just cute.  and he smiles and makes me smile.  and he sends me millions of emoticon hearts.  and he calls me "paula dear".  and i cuddled with him.  and he doesn't like lesbians.  however, he can be a dick wad sometimes.  he's my age, and knows riel.  and last night he was really drunk/stoned, and he just left me random messages on my msn saying that he cares about me, and he's always here for me.  i asked him about it, and he says he knows what he said and he means it.  so yes.  AND i'm not sposed to know this but... his best friend APPARENTLY told him to go for me.  but that's what i heard from a friend, who heard it from her friend, who heard it from the best friend.

i also like shane.  shane's hot too, but in a different way.  he's got that...aura.  he's friendly, and loud and he sings lion king songs with me, and dances around looking like a maniac with me.  and his smile is so big and cute that you can tell he's smiling, even if you're standing behind him.  seriously.  so cute.  he volunteers at fort whyte with me, you know, cuz we're cool.  and he's 2 years older than me.  and he's like, the exact opposite of mitch.  shane calls me "paula bear"  and i call him "shaney-poo" and then he smiles and hugs me.  and yes.  however, he doesn't have msn.  so i gave him my number.  so basically, it's all resting on him.  if he doesn't call, i may be a little hurt, but i will get over it.

<3 thanks for reading that.  oh and i'll post amusing pictures later, because i'm waaay too lazy right now. 

add me on regular lj spidermanrocks and you can see pictures of shane and me and other people and such.  quite a few of riel too.  because she's hott.

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