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So Happy...

I was right. I was right I was right!!! I knew that if I stood by him long enough he'd come around. Yesterday...Warren asked me to come back to him. It was like a flipping MOVIE. Me, him and his mom were at Best Buy..walking in the parking lot getting ready to go in and he turns around and says "What's the thing you want most in the world right now?" I looked at him stupidly and said "Duh you know the answer to that one." He smiled down at me and said "Then come catch me." I was so confused and I looked at him stupidly. So we get inside Best Buy and we're looking at digi cams for his mum. He pulls me aside out of the crowed area and over to a more seclueded area. He looked at me a little confused and said "You're not chasing me very hard." I grabbed his arm and said "huh?" He smiled and leaned down and kissed me, then pulled me into this big hug and whispered in my ear "Will you be mine again?" To which I nodded happily.


Warren and Keshia

October 30, 2004 (first started dating)
March 12, 2005(started dating again)

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i was sick for like 6 days so suckahs;

since this place is dieing im going to ask a couple things from you guys.


this community can be used to post stuff you don't want to post in your actuall livejournal.
have fun.

following this is pictures of me.
and my jessika.

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Happy Lyke Woah..

You all shall be the first to know..not even my own journal people know this...

went to his house yesterday...

   spent the night...

got laid twice (i know thats a little whorish)

and  I think we're going back out..

I am happy lyke woah...

More later when I can you know...actually get over the shock that I actually went up there, by myself, without my parents know, stayed the night, got laid, cuddled, and came home a little bbit ago and no one is the wiser cept his mum and him...lyke woah...

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Da-Y-umn the man.

I'm seeing Nate tomorrow.
And i hope all goes well.
I quite fancy the man.
Well he's not a man.
he's my age.
but ye know.
its late.

Wish me luck with him.!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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That Vile Little Female...

Ok everyone remember that vile little female BITCH that has been saying shit. The one I always complain about. Well today I get called down to the office and find out...THAT SHE FUCKING FILED HARASSMENT CHARGES AGAINST ME!!!! Ok I have not once said shit to this girl. I've wanted to but Warren has told me that if I didn't back off he would drop from my life. I love him too much to risk it so I stopped. I have never once told her to her face that I wanted to beat her ass. Not once. She filed that she is concered for her this is coming from a girl who said she was going to beat my ass. Yea right..Warren said he'd love to see that and that he'd sell tickets. So I tell warren's mom and she tell's warren who in turn calls me. He punches a wall and breaks two of his knuckles. He's filing a restaining order against her because she's taken this waaaaay to far. I was litterally shaking I was so pissed. Rage is a mild word to what I feel..and guess just how stupid she is..SHE LIVES WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF EVERYONE SHE'S PISSING OFF! -pants-


Ok umm I'll post more after I eat and watch mulan

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Za Za Zu

Everyone knows this feeling, everyone has felt it at one point and time. Your stomach tenses up, your palms get sweaty, your heart races faster and faster. It's that person you could never live without. Sometimes it's love at first sight, other times it's not. This feeling...this za za zu feeling.

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Driving Me Crazy...

I DO NOT get him at all!! Ok I'm coming up to his house whether or not he wants me to. I talked to his mom and warned her about the vile girl who has been trying to make my ife hell by saying she was going to fuck Warren. Course I did get all that straightened out...Anyway. I told his mom that Warren told me he was taking his ex, Ashley, to prom. His mom flat out said that there was no way in hell. She hates the girl. I got him to admit that he just likes to see me jealous over him. Warren has also told me that the chick he's been fooling around with has told him she likes him...and he told her he likes her too. Talk about being crushed on my end. But yet...he has plainly stated he doesn't want to have sex with her...Warren is as bad as me when it comes to So I don't get it. Is he going to date her because he wants to see how jealous I can get? Is this all just a damn test? DOES HE EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL HE WANTS???


I'm still going up there and I'm still not giving up...


I give a whole damn new meaning to stubborn ass...

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O...m..g.. guys..holy ex....warren..he's sick..and..he's letting me come up to take care of him..omg..omg...holy shit..this can so turn out very good..i won't lie..i will do just about anything to get him back...but..OMG...

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